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Metal O-rings. Extreme conditions.
Metal C-rings. High requirements.
PTFE Seals. Newest generation.

With our experience we can make every required seal for the highest conditions. Contact us for your specific needs.

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What's your seal problem?

  • Extremely low and high temperatures (from -270°C to 980°C)
  • Ultra-high vacuum or 6800 bar pressure
  • Stick-slip free, slow movement or high speed
  • Universal chemical resistance
  • Resistance to radioactive environements
  • Lowest leakage and highest wear resistance

Product lines

  • Spring energized PTFE seals or made of other high performance plastics with stainless steel spring for durable elasticity.
  • Metallic O- and C-rings to use as static seals for gases and fluids under extreme conditions from -269°C to +980°C and UHV-vacuum up to 6800 bar pressure.
  • Radial lip seals with PTFE sealing lip and stainless steel housing for difficult and extreme conditions, e.g. high shaft speeds as well as dry or poorly lubricated conditions.
  • Other PTFE seals as well as PTFE parts.
  • Other special seals made of polymers or steel for extreme working conditions and highest requirements.